Worship Service (Laura Funk)

January 12, 2014 - 10:45am - 12:00pm
Prayer Week - Praying the Psalms! Scripture Reading: Matthew 3:13-17;                                    Luke 13:20-21 & 18:1-8;                                    Mark 4:26-29 Sermon: Laura Funk Sermon Title: Praying In Colour Sermon Notes: Praying in Colour  Different ways to do it: • Name for God in centre,    fears, hopes, joys in corners • Names of people (intercessory), groups • Scripture: write out verse,    doodle particular words • Confession – what in you needs to be    brought to the healing light of God? • Discernment – listening for the voice    of God in our decisions • Calendar - lent or advent –    one prayer per day,    pray around the world,    for places and people    you don't usually pray for Prayer Resources Good Goats: Healing Our Image of God    by Dennis Linn, Sheila Fabricant Linn,         Matthew Linn Praying in Color    by Sybil MacBeth Praying with... series    by Gloria Durka Take & Receive series    by Jaqueline Syrup Bergan & Marie Schwan Karl Lehman's website: http://www.kclehman.com/ Lectionary Texts:  Isaiah 42:1-9,                                 Psalm 29,                                 Acts 10:34-43;                                 Matthew 3:13-17